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NEW: Online Yoga Classes For Free!

Starting in November 2021, I will be offering Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga Classes Online via Zoom for free! Come and join me!

By practicing yoga online with me, you will be able to connect with your body through a mindful Hatha Yoga class, which will help you to calm your mind and relax your body. Sign up here to book your spot now! I’ll be offering the online yoga classes FOR FREE for a limited time only.

What can you expect in my online Hatha Yoga class?

Do you want to become more flexible, do you want to feel good in your body and be more aligned with your body and mind? Do you want to let your mind rest and be calm, relaxed and feel totally aligned with yourself?

My online Hatha Yoga classes are great for beginners and everyone who likes a gentle and well-rounded class. It usually includes a few rounds of classical sun salutations, but do not worry, I like the easy one, not the “Chaturanga-Updog” variation. And my thoughtfully sequenced and harmonious yoga class is perfect for beginners as it addresses all areas of your body.

This includes shoulders, hamstrings, and hips as well as some heart-opening poses, too. This special sequence is my go-to sequence and makes everybody, who practices it, feel good, calm, and relaxed!


After the yoga class, you will feel good, relaxed and peaceful!


I strongly encourage you to bring some yoga props. Especially if you’re rather new to yoga, not as “advanced” as an Instagram yogi or somewhat “inflexible” (like me!). Not only are yoga props FUN, they also HELP enormously with alignment and flexibility. I recommend to have at least 2 yoga blocks. Plus a pillow or bolster, i.e. something comfortable to sit on.

Are you ready for a new experience?

Just click the button below to get to my classes, chose which class you’d like to attend (I’ll be offering Hatha and Yin yoga classes) and I’ll send you a Zoom link with all the details. Online classes will take place every Monday and are thus a great way to start into the new week! In addition, I will also be offering a Yin Yoga class every second Sunday!

If you do not have any yoga blocks yet, I highly recommend to get a pair! They are not expensive and so worth the investment! I prefer cork blocks, like the ones from Manduka!


I can’t wait to practice yoga online with you!