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Online Yoga classes

Join my weekly online yoga classes and practice Hatha and Yin Yoga online with me!

Online Yoga classes are resuming in May 2024

Online yoga classes for everyone!

Connect with your body through mindful online Hatha Yoga classes, which help you to relax your mind and open your body. Sign up below to book your spot now!

What can you expect in my Hatha Yoga class? Do you want to become more flexible, feel good and be more aligned with your body and mind? Do you want to feel calmer and release the tension and stress?

Let’s work on this together, I will guide you and share some of my favorite tips on how to open your body more easily!

Online Hatha Yoga Class

Perfect for everybody!
$ 9 Class
  • Suitable for less flexible bodies & beginners
  • Calm your mind
  • Feel energized and well
  • Bring your yoga props (if you have any)
  • 60 min online class

Online Yin Yoga Class

Increase your flexibility without effort!
$ 9 Class
  • Suitable for everybody
  • Let your stress melt away
  • Feel nurtured and at ease
  • Yoga props needed (at least 2 blocks)
  • 60 min online class


Beginners welcome!

My online Hatha Yoga class is great for beginners and everyone who likes a gentle, but well-rounded class.

It usually includes a few rounds of classical sun salutations, but do not worry, I like the easy ones, not the Chaturanga-Updog variation. (Don't worry if you don't know what that means).

And, my thoughtfully sequenced, harmonious yoga class is perfect for beginners as it addresses all areas of your body. This includes shoulders and hips and some heart-opening poses, too. This special sequence is my go-to sequence and makes everybody, who practices it, feel good, calm and relaxed.

Are you ready for a new experience? Just sign up via the button and enter your name and e-mail address. You'll receive the zoom link with all details one day before the class.

I can't wait to welcome you in my online yoga class!


Absolutely! My yoga classes are suitable for beginners!

The type of yoga I teach is a “normal”, gentle type of yoga. Sure, sometimes a Hatha yoga class can be a little bit more active and might even get you sweating, but my classes are accessible to ALL!

No crazy advanced, hyper flexible movements here!

Yes and no. I encourage all my students to practice yoga with props.

As props help with opening up the body in a gentle and more effortless way.

If you do not have any blocks or a strap, you’ll at least need a cushion or something else to comfortably sit on!

Anytime, I’d love to help you with making progress in your practice and feeling good about yourself! Just book a private class through the button below and specify if you’d like to work on anything in particular. Private classes are 90 minutes long by default.

Take a look at this post, that might help you decide which class you need right now.

And feel free to message me through my contact form for any yoga-related questions you might have!

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Book a private online yoga class with me!

For just 55€ ($60 USD) you'll get a private 90 minute yoga class, tailored to your needs and your body.
Whatever you'd like to work on and whatever you'd like to improve, we will do it together!