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Learn yoga in 30 days from the comfort of your home!

launching soon


Do you want to learn yoga and alignment properly?

Are you interested in the very important basics and foundations of the most common yoga poses?

Do you want to open your body, become more flexible and feel good in your body?

Are you ready to let go of stress and tension and all the heaviness you’ve been experiencing?

Then sign up for my 30-day “Learn Yoga” program! 30 days of mostly LIVE yoga online classes with me.

Each day will be a little different and we will be using yoga props a LOT, as they help us increasing our flexibility easily and are so much FUN!

Ready? Then join the waitlist below! ♥

Learn how to use props in yoga
Learn about the most important yoga poses in detail
Become more flexible by opening your body gently with props!
Gentle Hatha and Yin Style Yoga classes await you!
Relax and recharge with yoga
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Learn Yoga now

After you've joined the waitlist you will get notified once the 30 day YOGA PROGRAM is ready! Plus, everyone on the waitlist will receive a special discount to join!

We will have a Facebook group to connect with and share our progress! Any yes, there will be replays available in case you cannot make it to all LIVE online classes!


"Learn Yoga PROgram":

A 45 minute 1:1 private session with me, where we will discuss your personal pain points and flexibility “issues”.

I will then give you tips and recommendations on alignment based on your individual body type.

Benefits of the 30-day learn yoga program

Learn all about yoga

Private yoga consultation included (value $50!)

Learn proper yoga alignment

Feel good in your body and relax your mind

Learn to adapt a yoga pose to YOUR body

Open up your body and let go of the heaviness and everything that's holding you back

Learn to use yoga props in your practice so you don't need to struggle

Develop the habit of a daily practice

Learn my flexibility hacks which you can continue doing even after the course ends

Connect with other humans who may also be new to yoga and celebrate your progress together

Feel light in your body, no more tension!

Try something new by participating in the shaking class

Weekly journaling prompts and intention settings

Recordings available in case you miss a live class

Access o all recordings for up to two week after program ends

Accept yourself and whereever you currently are at

Join the waitlist and receive a special launch discount!


YES! This course is especially designed for beginners and everyone who wants to go deeper into the basics and foundations of yoga and yoga asanas (poses)!

The 30-day “learn yoga program” is more than just 30 days of yoga. It is also more than a few yoga workshops thrown together.

I will essentially teach you the most important fundamentals and basics about yoga that I’ve myself learned in my yoga teacher training!

When practicing yoga in a regular yoga class, regardless if online or in person, there is not much room to teach the foundations and basic alignment rules. Because a yoga class is mostly about, well, the physical yoga practice.

Yes, you could learn about this in special workshops, too. However, this course is more than just a few workshops. Each class and all that you’re going to learn in these 30 days are build on top of each other, so that you steadily increase your understanding, knowledge and progress in your practice.

The 30 day learn yoga course will also enable you to open your body slowly and steadily like never before!

You will not only learn the most important poses, but also how to adjust those to your individual body, your needs, and your conditions.

And after this course you’ll be able to safely practice yoga in any class you may take part in, because you will know what is good for your body, you will know your limits, your capabilities and what feels good to you. You’ll be able to listen to your body!

In addition, I will teach you some of my favorite yoga and flexibility hacks, and how to slowly build up your strength, so that you’re body is ready for more advanced poses (like headstand), if that is what you wish practicing.

Even though I cannot put 200 hours worth of yoga teacher training material into a 20-30 hour course, I can certainly put in the core takeaways and most important learnings, from which each person will benefit to know about!

Yes, I definitely recommend props! Get yourself AT LEAST a pair of yoga blocks! They will be your best friend! Instead of a yoga strap you may use a belt or a long scarf and instead of a yoga bolster, you may use a cushion. Read more about yoga props here.

Please book your free 45 minute private online consultation with me during the first week of our program or even the week before that!

Each class will be slightly different which a different focus (for example: shoulders, hips, hamstrings, heart opening, twits etc.) and sometimes we will examine certain poses in more detail. Most of my classes are Hatha yoga classes. There will also be some Yin classes and Yang & Yin classes and a SHAKING class!

Between 20 and 75 minutes each.

Just a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a cushion (instead of a yoga bolster) and a yoga strap (or substitue with a belt / scarf).

Almost. We will have 5 live classes per week, plus one recording that will be released on Fridays. AND we will have some optional live classes on Sundays (like the shaking class!) 🙂

Yes, recordings will be available for a maximum of 14 days after the course ends.

I am still working on finalizing all the details for this course, but it wont be crazy expensive! It’ll rather be quite affordable, as I want to share my knowledge of yoga alignment with as many people as possible! If you sign up for the wait list, you will receive an email with all the details and the price once the course is ready! And people on the wait list will receive a special discount!

I am still working on finalizing all the details for this course. If you sign up for the wait list, you will receive an email with all the details once the course is ready!

Absolutely! Just join one of my free online yoga classes here!

Not yet, but I will make playlists which you can play along each class. You will receive the spotify links before each class!

The private Facebook group is for everybody to meet up and share their experiences, highlights and ask questions!

Do you have more questions regarding the 30-day learn yoga program?

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